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To best learn Spanish, you cannot miss the chance to enjoy some of the festivals you can find all along Castile and León. This region can show off about the many festivities there are in its localities, as for example in Béjar (Salamanca), Tiemblo (Ávila), Segovia, Medina del Campo (Valladolid), Melgar de Fernamental (Burgos), etc.
We understand by the word festival a social, economic and cultural event, which has a specific duration and a regular recurrence. It is usually about a particular topic or has a particular intention.
A festival may be about the promotion of culture, tourism, a way of life, or the promotion of typical products. All this usually comes with enjoyment and fun for the visitants. Therefore, as part of this enjoyment you can find amusement parks, games of chance, typical products from the area which organizes the festival, sweets, odd and singular objects to buy… It is also possible to find bullfights in some of them. Some of these festivities offer open-air dances where people can enjoy dancing and singing Spanish songs. These festivals attract many people because they offer a great variety of activities.
Sometimes these celebrations coincide with gastronomic festivals where you can drink Spanish wines, try typical Spanish menus, including cold meats, tapas recipes, Spanish desserts and many more.
If you are coming to Castile and León to take a Spanish class, or just a tourist, do not miss the chance to know these festivals and discover the hospitality this region can offer you. Find out many more things to do in Castile and Léon Tourist Attracions